Rely on us to locate skilled Paving Contractors for paving installation and repairs in your area!

Rely on us to locate skilled Paving Contractors for paving installation and repairs in your area!

We’re your trusted gateway to discovering skilled paving contractors in your area. Our team seamlessly connects you with top-tier paver installation professionals, ensuring precise and durable work on all your projects.

Whether it’s asphalt or concrete or stone paving, rely on us to locate the cream of the crop.

From residential driveway installations to commercial parking lots, a network of reliable hardscape specialists is just a click away!

  • With our help, you can find expert assistance for comprehensive outdoor construction needs including patios and pool decks.

No longer do you need to navigate through countless options when looking for quality paving craftsmanship near you.

South African Paving: A Variety of Types

South African Paving: A Variety of Types

Discover the wide range of paving options available in South Africa, including cobblestone, flagstone, brick, concrete, and asphalt.

Why Decide on Cobblestone Paving for Your Home?

Cobblestone paving presents a timeless charm for your home.

  • Its durability can withstand heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions, making it a cost-effective choice for homeowners.

This classic-style paving adds character to walkways, patios, and driveways while increasing the property’s curb appeal. The unique patterns formed by cobblestones enhance landscaping elements and offer numerous design possibilities.

  • Cobble pavers are eco-friendly too as they encourage water drainage, reducing stormwater runoff into local water bodies.

South African Paving contractors adhere to strict installation guidelines ensuring quality workmanship on all projects.

Choosing cobblestone paving is an investment in both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home’s outdoor spaces.

Why is Flagstone Paving a Preferred Choice?

Flagstone paving emerges as a top choice due to its undeniable beauty, durability, and versatility.

  • Not only does it add value to any property with its natural aesthetic appeal, but it also boasts impressive longevity and requires minimal maintenance compared to other materials.

Flagstone handles harsh weather conditions well, standing up against heavy rain or blistering heat without losing its sheen or integrity.

  • The unique texture of flagstone offers an anti-slip surface making it ideal for use around swimming pool areas or outdoor patios where safety is paramount.

With various shades ranging from earthy browns to cool blues and greens available in South Africa, customising your landscape design becomes an exciting endeavour!

  • Furthermore, the thermal conductivity of flagstones absorbs heat during the day and radiates it back out during cooler nights creating a comfortable environment throughout all seasons.

Lastly, the sustainable nature of flagstones extracted using environmentally friendly techniques makes them a responsible investment for eco-conscious homeowners!

So, whether you wish for a contemporary patio or rustic walkway – permit our certified contractors to charm you with their expert flagstone paving services!

Reasons to Opt for Brick Paving for Your Driveway

Brick paving for driveways radiates a unique charm that boosts curb appeal.

  • The rich colours, distinctive shapes, and enticing patterns make it versatile enough to complement any home’s exterior architecture.

Imagine creating a driveway environment that not only impresses guests but also elevates the value of your property!

Durability is another significant factor driving homeowners towards brick paving.

  • These robust blocks withstand daily wear and tear impeccably well, lasting for generations when maintained properly.

You can rest easy knowing your investment in brick paving will stand the test of time.

Moreover, this type of hardscaping offers excellent safety features due to its non-slip surface – an attribute particularly appreciated during wet weather conditions.

  • The easy installation process further contributes to its popularity among South African homes, making brick paving an overall smart choice for driveway upgrades.

Finally, yet importantly, bricks are environmentally friendly materials and choosing them as your pavers means you’re doing your bit towards sustainable living!

Why Concrete Paving is a Worthwhile Investment

Concrete paving has carved an undeniable niche for itself in South Africa’s construction landscape.

  • The versatility of concrete blocks allows for a range of applications, from roads and residential driveways to corporate parks and industrial yards.

Further enhancing its appeal is the fact that most concrete pavements in this region are jointed without dowels at the joints, relying on aggregate interlock instead.

  • Investing in concrete paving makes sense as it provides a sound foundation for critical structures like basic access streets.

Not just sturdy, these pavers can also endure occasional failures due to excessive factors better than their counterparts.

  • By prioritizing funds towards constructing lower layers using concrete pavers during initial phases of construction, homeowners ensure long-term durability and reduced maintenance costs.

Ultimately, solidifying why opting for concrete paving is indeed a worthy decision!

Why Asphalt Paving Makes for an Excellent Choice

Asphalt paving emerges as a top choice for many homeowners and businesses in South Africa, trumping other alternatives with its cost-efficiency.

  • This is primarily because it ensures speedy construction and easy installation, reducing labour charges overall.

Its durability further adds to the savings by reducing frequent repair or replacement costs. Additionally, asphalt offers agreeable flexibility in design; this means you can customise your driveways or paths just how you want them!

  • The key lies in the quality of asphalt mix design – a crucial aspect that reputable asphalt contractors prioritise while delivering superior workmanship on your paving project.

Therefore, opting for an expert asphalt paving contractor not only guarantees excellent results but also ensures a smooth process from start to finish.

Pros of Hiring paving companies in my area

Choosing a local paving company brings numerous advantages to your paving projects. Here are the benefits:

  1. Expert Knowledge: Local paving contractors possess knowledge of regional weather conditions which can significantly influence the durability and maintenance of your pavement.
  2. Familiarity: Being in close proximity to your area, they understand specific needs and requirements better than non-local companies.
  3. Access to Specialised Equipment: Paving requires access to heavy-duty machinery like rollers, pavers, and compactors. Local paving companies have these at their disposal for bumpy roads, driveways or parking lots.
  4. Variety of Options: Asphalt paving contractors provide an array of options in terms of colours, textures, forms, and patterns suiting your aesthetic preferences.
  5. Positive Testimonials: Previous customers’ feedback can be a testament to their quality workmanship and professionalism. Local contractors often come recommended within communities due to their reliable services.
  6. Quick Response Time: In case of repairs or maintenance works, local contractors can arrive at your doorstep faster compared to non-local ones.
  7. Enhanced Communication: Face-to-face meetings are feasible with local contractors leading to more transparent discussions about project specifications and estimates.
  8. Supporting Local Economy: By hiring local you contribute towards the economic prosperity of your community by keeping money circulating locally.

Certified Paving Installation Services in South Africa

Choose from a range of certified paving installation services in South Africa, including residential driveways, commercial paving, industrial projects, patio paving, pool deck installations, entrance and walkway paving.

Certified Residential Driveways and Paving

Choosing the right material for your residential driveway is a crucial decision.

  • Experts offer certified residential driveways and paving services that cater to various needs, preferences, and budgets.

They provide a broad range of options such as dry cast concrete paving, wet cast concrete paving, natural stone paving, clay brick paving and tar.

  • Each selection guarantees robustness and long-lasting wear suitable for any home’s requirements.

Trusting experts ensures homeowners get quality workmanship. Their team of professional pavers brings years of experience in delivering excellent quality work within time frames that suit you best.

Certified Commercial Paving

Professional companies offer certified commercial paving services for businesses in South Africa.

  • Their certification from Agrément SA ensures that their products and services meet the required standards.

As a trusted provider backed by industry bodies professional companies guarantee high-quality workmanship and materials for all your commercial paving needs.

Whether you require durable asphalt or stylish brick paving, their expert team can deliver superior results that enhance the appearance and functionality of your business premises.

Certified Industrial Paving

Certified Industrial Paving is a specialized service offered by experts, the leading brick paving company in South Africa.

  • When it comes to industrial spaces such as factories, warehouses, and distribution centres, having a reliable and durable paving solution is essential.

That’s where certified industrial paving comes in. With expertise in handling large-scale projects, certified paving contractors can ensure that your industrial space is equipped with high-quality and long-lasting pavement.

  • By using state-of-the-art equipment and following industry standards, these professionals guarantee exceptional workmanship and attention to detail.

Whether you need to pave an expansive parking lot or install heavy-duty driveways for trucks and machinery, certified industrial paving provides the reliability and durability needed for heavy traffic areas.

  • Industrial paving contractors in South Africa obtain certification from independent authorities like Agrément SA.

This certification assures customers of their competence and professionalism in delivering top-notch services.

  • Additionally, the Concrete Manufacturers Association provides guidance on materials used for paving projects throughout South Africa.

With all these certifications and standards in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your industrial space will be paved by experts who prioritize quality craftsmanship and adherence to safety regulations.

Certified Patio Paving

Certified Patio Paving is a service offered by Certified Paving Installation Services in South Africa.

  • With their expertise, you can trust that your patio will be beautifully paved to the highest standards.

Whether you want a cozy outdoor seating area or a spacious entertainment space, these certified professionals will ensure that your patio paving is done with precision and care.

  • They understand the importance of creating an inviting and durable surface for your outdoor living area.

So, sit back, relax, and let the experts handle your patio paving needs!

Certified Pool Deck Paving

Certified pool deck paving is a specialized service offered by experienced paving installers in South Africa.

  • With professional companies, you can expect non-slip pool paving that comes in unique textures and light colours to create a cool walking surface around your pool area.

What’s even better is that swimming pool paving services in Johannesburg have been SABS approved, ensuring that you receive high-quality workmanship.

  • To give you peace of mind, these services come with a two-year quality guarantee, and there’s no need for an upfront deposit.

So, if you’re looking for reliable and certified pool deck paving, look no further than the experts in South Africa.

Certified Entrance and Walkway Paving

Certified paving contractors in South Africa offer expert services for entrance and walkway paving installation.

  • These professionals are skilled in using high-quality materials to create durable and attractive pathways.

When it comes to your home or business, having a well-paved entrance and walkway is essential for safety and aesthetics.

  • By hiring certified paving contractors, you can ensure that the job is done right, with attention to detail and adherence to industry standards.

Whether you need a new entrance pavement or repairs on an existing walkway, these experts have the knowledge and experience to deliver superior results. Trusting certified professionals will give you peace of mind knowing that your entrance and walkways are built to last.

Paving Projects: Different Types and Categories

  1. Driveway Paving: Create an impressive entrance to your home with a professionally paved driveway. Choose from materials like concrete, asphalt, brick, or cobblestone to achieve the look and durability you desire.
  2. Patio Paving: Transform your backyard into an inviting oasis with a beautifully paved patio. From flagstone to concrete pavers, there are countless possibilities to suit your style and preferences.
  3. Walkway Paving: Guide visitors through your garden or connect different areas of your property with an elegantly designed walkway. Opt for materials such as natural stone or interlocking pavers to create a visually appealing path.
  4. Pool Deck Paving: Enhance the safety and aesthetics of your pool area with slip-resistant and durable paving materials specifically designed for pool decks.
  5. Commercial Paving: If you own a business, consider investing in commercial paving to improve the appearance and functionality of your parking lot or entrance area.
  6. Municipal Paving: Government entities often require specialized pavement solutions for roads and public areas that can withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions.

Certified Paving Cleaning Services in South Africa

Paving Cleaners is a certified company that specializes in providing professional and reliable paving cleaning services in South Africa.

  • With their expertise, they can effectively clean and maintain driveways, walls, and other paved surfaces to keep them looking fresh and appealing.
  • They use high-quality cleaning chemicals and state-of-the-art machines to ensure thorough cleaning without causing any damage to the pavement.

Paving cleaning services are readily available near you through local providers, making it convenient for homeowners and businesses alike to keep their pavements clean and well-maintained.

Whether you’re in Durban or anywhere else in South Africa, you can rely on certified paving cleaners like Paving Cleaners to deliver exceptional results for all your pavement cleaning needs.

Specialist Paving Contractor Expertise vs DIY

Specialist Paving Contractor Expertise DIY Paving
Professional paving contractors have the necessary skill set and experience to ensure a smooth and long-lasting installation. Their expertise in the field ensures that every aspect of the paving process is correctly executed. DIY paving involves using your own resources, like a dedicated crew and necessary tools. However, it lacks professional prowess and the risk of improper installation is high.
Contractors use high-quality materials for paving, ensuring the longevity and durability of the pavement. They are well-versed in choosing the right type of paving material for different applications. In DIY paving, the quality of materials could be compromised due to lack of knowledge. The selection of paving material may not be suitable for the specific application.
Paving contractors have the appropriate tools and equipment to carry out the job. They are trained to operate these tools efficiently which results in a clean and polished finish. DIY-ers may lack the essential tools required for paving. The use of incorrect or inadequate tools can result in substandard work and damage to the paving material.
Contractors are certified and insured, protecting you from any liabilities that may occur during the project. They also offer warranties and guarantees on their work. DIY paving doesn’t come with any warranty or insurance. If anything goes wrong during the process, it is you who will bear the burden of the repair or replacement costs.

Advantages of Hiring paving contractors near me

Hiring paving contractors near you comes with a range of advantages:

  • Extensive Experience: Paving contractors have years of experience in the field, ensuring they understand the best practices and can deliver high-quality workmanship.
  • Time and Money Savings: By hiring professionals, you save both time and money as they are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to efficiently complete the project.
  • High-Quality Workmanship: Reputable paving companies focus on delivering top-notch results, giving you peace of mind that your project will be completed to your satisfaction.
  • Industry Knowledge: Paving contractors stay up-to-date with industry standards and regulations, ensuring compliance with all necessary guidelines.
  • Personalized Service: Paving contractors provide personalized service, taking into account your specific requirements and offering tailored solutions for your paving needs.
  • Attention to Detail: Professionals pay attention to even the smallest details, ensuring a meticulous and precise execution of your paving project.
  • Peace of Mind: Hiring a paving contractor means you can relax knowing that experts are handling your project and that it is in capable hands.

Comprehensive Paving Prices and Installation Charges in South Africa [Paving Installation Price List 2023]

Paving prices and installation charges in South Africa can vary depending on factors such as the size, model, and quality of materials used.

  • For residential paving, you can expect costs ranging from R110 to R380 per square meter.

The installation fee for paving is typically around R110 per square meter. If you’re looking for a plain concrete driveway, prices can range from R350 to R450 per square meter.

  • On average, the total cost of paving can be anywhere between R300 and R580 per square meter.

It’s important to keep these figures in mind when budgeting for your paving project.

  • Another factor to consider is the installation charges for artificial grass. The fees for installing artificial grass can amount to approximately R120 per square meter.

So, if you’re planning on incorporating this synthetic alternative into your outdoor space, make sure that it fits within your overall budget.

Knowing these comprehensive pricing details will help you determine how much you need to allocate towards your paving project and ensure that there are no unexpected surprises along the way.

Enjoy Free Paving Area Measurement Estimates [Paving Quotation]

Cape Town paving contractors are here to make your life easier and more cost-effective. When it comes to measuring the areas you want paved, they offer a fantastic service – free estimates!

  • That’s right, you can get an accurate measurement of your paving area without spending a dime.

These estimates will help you plan your budget and determine how much material you’ll need for the project. With this valuable information in hand, you can make informed decisions and ensure that your paving project goes smoothly from start to finish.

No more guesswork or worrying about getting the measurements wrong.

  • By taking advantage of these free paving area measurement estimates, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that everything is calculated accurately by professionals who know what they’re doing.

Whether you’re looking to pave your driveway, patio, or any other outdoor space, these estimates will give you a clear picture of what needs to be done.

  • Say goodbye to surprises and hello to precise planning with free quotes from Cape Town paving contractors.

So why wait? Take advantage of this incredible offer today and enjoy the benefits of having expert assistance at no cost to you. Get accurate measurements for your paving project without spending a rand.

Contact Cape Town’s trusted paving contractors now and experience hassle-free planning like never before!

Paving Contractors Offering Services in South African Provinces and Areas

Paving Contractors Offering Services in South African Provinces and Areas

Trusted paving contractors offer their services in various provinces and areas across South Africa.

Whether you’re in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, or any other city or town in South Africa, experts have got you covered.

  • They offer a wide range of paving services including driveway paving, patio paving, pool deck paving, and more.

Their team of skilled professionals ensures superior workmanship and uses high-quality materials to deliver long-lasting results.

When it comes to finding reliable and experienced paving contractors near you, experts are the go-to choice for beautiful and durable paved surfaces.

  • You can trust their products to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

So, whether you need expert guidance on choosing the right type of pavers for your project or want professional installation services by certified contractors near you, SA Paving and Bosun are here to make your vision come true with excellence.

Conclusion: Find expert paving contractors near you for superior workmanship in your area!

Conclusion: Find expert paving contractors near you for superior workmanship in your area!

Trust our skilled professionals for all your paving installation and repair needs. Don’t settle for less when it comes to the quality of your project – rely on us to connect you with the best paving contractors available.


1. What services do paving contractors provide?

Paving Contractors offer a range of services including driveway and patio installation, commercial and residential paving, hardscape construction, walkway solutions, eco-friendly installations, and more.

2. Who can hire paving contractors?

Both domestic and commercial entities can contract professional service for tasks from entrance paving to larger scale industrial asphalting work or retaining wall systems.

3. Are there any sustainable options offered by Paving Contractors?

Yes! Permeable paving services are one form of sustainable solution provided by professionals in this field.

4. Can I get advice on the design before installing the pavement?

Absolutely! Many contractors provide paving design consultations alongside their installation services so you will find the perfect fit for your space.

5. Do all Paving Contractors supply the materials needed for an installation project?

Not every contractor does but certainly some reputable companies also serve as material suppliers providing everything from concrete to gravel.

6. How much does it typically cost to hire a Paving Contractor?

The cost varies depending on multiple factors like project size, location and complexity among others; most reliably, sophisticated companies would give you detailed costing estimates beforehand.